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Welcome to New World School Alumni Network. NWITIANS always shine bright

This is Ameera Mustafa, 2020-2021 year head girl. I was raised in this school, and was pushed to always do my best throughout the 13 years of my experience. The true effort and belief put into and from the students is what makes NWIS one of the best environments for young generations. Had a great foundation built here, and would love to see this place grow and nurture.

- Ameera Mustafa

I've been in NWIS since 2009 and, to me, NWIS is my second home. It provided me with an environment that supported me to take risks and adopt divergent thinking. The sincere hard working teachers have always taken a keen interest in ensuring I reach my full potential and this created a supportive motivating classroom atmosphere. Make no mistake NWIS isn’t all about academics. It offers numerous extracurricular activities to recognize talented student and applaud them for their achievements. I've graduated from NWIS as an emotionally intelligent groomed student who is capable of working in a competitive demanding environment. These past 12 years have been memorable and I'm proud to belong to such a reputable school.

- Saeeda Arooj

NWIS has taught me the value of hard work and struggle which are the essence for success. I've had a lot of support given to me from my teachers who have worked tirelessly to help students in achieving their goals. Given no experience is bound to be perfect, I'm glad to say that my time spent in NWIS has shaped me into the person I am today.

- Arwa.Akif

New World has been a life journey. I was a student at this school since 2010 and from my experience, I can affirm I grew up in a quality institution. The teachers here encouraged and brought the best out of me, by using various tactics that challenged me throughout. It’s not an average school; it has strong objectives towards academic excellence and allows every candidate to find their side passion within the walls: sports, debates, science fairs, speeches and opportunities to express more ideas through student council and seminars. I have always been proud representing NWIS at other inter-school events. Thank you, New World for molding me 'for a brighter future,' as the slogan says.

- Fiza Kaleem

Studying at New World International School was one of the best experiences that helped me develop into a better person. The advanced teaching techniques helped me understand and remember information for longer time. The highly trained teachers were my best friends, who always helped me whenever I faced a problem in studies or had an issue to discuss. I'm proud to say that they were and still are my role models who I look up to and learn a lot from. Moreover, the opportunity that was given to us to showcase our presentations in front of the whole school has helped me increase my confidence and overcome my stage fear. Finally, I would say NWIS is one of the best school, it has all a student need to become a successful person in the future.

- Dana Laith

I’ve been in NWIS since grade VII. NWIS pushes and helps an A-Level/IGCSE student to attain that a goal in academics. The student’s own effort to research outside the class and the healthy competition, teachers determination and the content of the syllabus are the key factors that help the student attain his/her goals in NWIS. Numerous opportunities for extracurricular are provided, and sometimes students are sponsored to attend events in other schools. With such opportunities, I was able to develop my speaking, teamwork, leadership, research and time management skills.

- Kevser Civek

I had been studying at New World since Kindergarten and I graduated in 2019. From what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very supportive and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order.

- Asmatullah

Studying at NWIS has enabled me to easily fit into the university environment and excel in my undergraduate degree program. Multiple extracurricular opportunities were provided during my time in the school such as Model United Nations, Sports Competitions and Debates which helped me develop my Teamwork, Communication and Critical Thinking skills. Being a part of the Student Council as the Deputy Head-boy(2018-19) was by far the most memorable and interesting experience which enabled me to become more active, social and enhanced my Leadership and Problem-Solving skills. The wisdom and knowledge of the teachers in New World is unparalleled. They always ensured that every student reached their full potential by providing sufficient resources and creating a positive learning environment. The 12 years spent at NWIS have been excellent and I’m proud to be an alumni of this prestigious school.

- Shah Faisal

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